Why finance an artbook via crowdfunding? What were the main reasons?
There are several reasons for this. One of the most important is that nowadays the (comic) book market is quite damaged and most likely crowdfunding an appropriate way for the distribution other than the usual book trade. Also, I have - as far as I know, - a very international audience. Maybe not enough in each country, but enough to start this project together. Therefore, the book will be launched in three languages: French, spanish and english. In this way, it will be easier for all my readers to join this project and participate actively in the making of the book - to be a part of this work - other than buy one of my books over the Internet. Another reason was that I wanted to do everything or almost everything by myself.

Does it make sense to create erotic comics nowadays, when everybody can get tons of free hardcore porn during a few clicks on the internet?
It makes sense, even with all that oversupply on the internet. The worst are the pirates and people who distribute it for free on the Internet without buying it, not aware which damage there cause by thus artists and authors to work hard on their comics.
In addition, the readership of erotic comics is quite different. They would like some more content than the usual porn viewer with quick-to-sex-storys. This is certainly not true for all readers, but I know my fans and they appreciate my stories - which can be both: erotic and funny, sad, exciting, etc .. - and therein lies the difference. In today's porn there are almost no more stories. Not more than a volatile "hello" and they go right to the point. Thatīs the difference, and that is the reason why it is worthwhile to continue.

Do you have any other job or can you make enough money just by your art?
I give drawing lessons in my studio and work for advertising. At the moment I draw illustrations and comics for the american market; however, no erotic or pornographic stuff. So yes, I can live by my art, but in different ways. The important thing is to be able to continue to draw. Also, I just conceive a website that will come up with several unreleased (at least in the english-speaking world) pages of my erotic material. In addition to new comic pages, there will be new illustrations as well. If everything works out I'll draw additional material for the website and stories that I could not finish at the end of the Kiss Comic Magazine.

How do you get your ideas for comics or illustrations?
With Illustrations, it is usually a specific image in my head. I find it on the street, while watching a movie or reading a book - or simply looking for something beautiful - and then comes the image by itself. Sometimes I draw something in a certain style, see what happens and if it succeeds, I save it - or if it doesnīt work, I delete it.

In my comics, I have two sources of inspiration. One is my own life, my flirts and affairs, or the moments that were important in my life; moments I like to talk about it, even the bad one. In the album "4 girlfriends" for example, the comic strip is about friendship and joy; not primarily about sex. Otherwise there would be no story, only a series of individual images. Another example is the serie "Flora" (published in the Kiss Comic magazin). She talks about how to make a comic book, how to write it, and also about the comic book market in general, especially in the second part. Between the sex scenes I tell my stuff, my subjects, my messages.

The other source is the easiest of all. A colleague of mine by Kiss Comic once asked: "How do you manage to have a story each month? Where did you get your ideas?" and I replied, "If I donīt deliver a comic strip every month, I have nothing to eat! ". I live from my work. No one can work 8 or 12 hours a day when he gets no payment for it. Well, maybe a millionaire or something similar, but I canīt.

Does you work reflect your personal sexual fantasies? Or do you even go beyond your own experience.
Absolutely. I tell my reader a bit of my own fantasies. But there is not so much to tell.
There are some things that I do not draw, if they are uncomfortably to me. There are exceptions if the story requires it or to characterize my figures better.
But I draw no rape, no sadistic or masochistic extreme stuff, and not pedophilia. As I said I overcome some of these limitations, when my characters needed it for the story.

What ingredients must have a good erotic comic or a good erotic illustration?
Erotic drawings must contain beauty. A illustration doesn't necessarily be stimulating to create erotic. In comics, it helps to construct a comprehensible history, a stimulating environment and situations in which sexuality can flow in its various forms. In "Susanita in the big city," I move the character to place her in different locations. I wanted to tell different story, so I put her in different scenarios. This makes the stories more interesting and varied the sex scenes.

What means drawing for you?
Almost everything (laughs). Not "everything everything", but a lot. I deal with it already several years and it gives me a great personal satisfaction. Nevertheless, itīs my passion.

If you couldn’t be an artist, what would you be?
Musician, but then I would be an artist likewise. Maybe psychologist. I am very interested in human behavior, exploring his thoughts and feelings. Basically, I try to incorporate these things into my work.

There are many great names (like yourself) out there who have drawn erotic material. What major names influenced you and your art?
Altuna, Manara, Shirow, Serpieri, Seijas

A geeky question: What drawing tools, inking tools, … do you use?
I take everything I can find from coffee to marten-brushes. But seriously, for accurate work rely on common tools. I usually use blue pencils for drawings and sketches, although many people use ordinary pencils for the sketches. I colorize with normal markers or markers with brush tips, in some moments I work with different paint brushes. For corrections, I use white marker or white gouache. Then I scan the originals and remove all the errors and smudges with (Adobe) Photoshop. I also colorize with the computer. If not, I use watercolors, colored markers or acrylic paint, simply with everything on my drawing desk. But I use this traditional coloring only for commissions or illustrations because itīs risky to apply true colors on the original drawings. You canīt correct errors easily.

What can your readers expect from you in the near future? What will you and some of your fellow artists offer on the planned new website? Are there any specific details that you can reveal?
What can you expect? I hope a lot. I'm building at the moment with Erich Hartmann (Barbarian Chicks) a web-platform, but with seperate content.

My site will contain new and many old material. The commercial website will became a home for my whole work as comics, my illustrations and sketches, I will offer some games and even monthly prizes like originals drawings. On the platform, as already mentioned, you can find some known stories which I bring to a worthy end. 
The site will launch in early 2015 and will be available first in English and Spanish. Maybe later comes French and German. This language package I wish for all of my comic pages; although I only want to be sure that there is sufficient demand. Because, good translations are not cheap.

At the moment I'm busy with my art book crowdfunding project. That will hopefully encouraged many people to participate. Some material will also be found on my website.

Many thanks to you and for your time!
Thank you for your interest and for your commitment in the erotic comic genre.

"Between the sex scenes I
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